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Suggestion: option to display full destination names instead of route codes

I like the apps planefinder and planefinder AR allot but I think most people who buy these apps have no idea what the route codes actually mean. And I don't want to look it up on every time. What i'm saying, it would be really nice to have an option to display the aiport/city names.

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Also new and still finding my way around but what you seek may already be there.
The route is listed as an alpha code in the details when you 'click' on 1 of the planes on screen ...... when that info comes up if you click on 'more' (essentially the second page) it will spell out the exact route details.
EG locally route shows ADL-MEL clicking/tapping as noted above brings up Adelaide Int., Adelaide Aistralia to Melbourne Intl, Melbourne Australia

NOTE for some reason some planes will not show their routes (currently tracking a Delta Aust - USA flight ... no origin/dest shown.


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