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As I write this, BA have a 747 over Brazil, about 750 miles from Rio, on its way to collect the GB Olympic teams. The aircraft is G-CIVA and the outbound flight is BA9151 so I am guessing the return flight may be BA9150 or BA9152.

This aircraft has had a bit of a special paint job with the nose painted gold and some special scribble on the left side. This includes a hashtag #GreattobeBAck forward of the door and victoRIOous Team GB just aft of the same door. So, for those interested in getting a "one off" photo, you need to keep an eye on the flight. Find it on Planefinder early tomorrow by searching G-CIVA.

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Update for anybody interested in spotting this aircraft; it is now due at LHR at 10:20.

Bah! Humbug! Went to LHR arriving in plenty of time. Parked up for 27R arrivals and Planefinder showed me the aircraft had just passed overhead going toward London. I spotted a chap with an iarband receiver, heading toward his car in a rush and he confirmed it was coming in on the "wrong" runway (27L). Leap into the car, negotiate the traffic, got to my favourite spot for 27L arrivals...... about 45 seconds too late! Not only that but it meant I missed the Iberia A319 I had wanted to catch!

So, back home, settling down for a thoroughly good sulk!

Bah! Humbug!

Unlucky Kelvin. It won't get the special scheme removed straight away will it? I should imagine it will be around for a while, though today is sunny as well. Pain when that happens at LHR. Has happened to me in the past.

Ho hum David. It has happened to me more than a couple of times at LHR. I was thinking I may just head back there as it is due to go to Denver at 14:50 but we all know what that means: it will miss the 15:00 cut off and depart on 27R. So I shall hopefully catch it on the return tomorrow morning. You are probably right about the paint job remaining. In February 2015 they painted G-YMML in a special Chinese themed livery for a 2 week festival in Shanghai in March 2015. I have seen the aircraft still in the same livery a week or so back!

Still, not a total waste of a day. I have just managed to book the last hotel rooms available in the Isle of Man for my brother, nephew and me for a day at the Manx Grand Prix!

Oh! It seems Southampton is about to empty itself of ships with 9 that I have not seen before all due to depart this afternoon! And on arrival that is new to me, Shanghai Express. I know where I shall be for the rest of this lovely day!


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