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Fast jet heard over Edinburgh early this evening. I think it was a Typhoon possibly using the callsign Jedi956. Sorry about the limited detail was too busy doing something else. I wonder if anyone else heard it or if anyone recognises the callsign?

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I dare say it would be something to do with flypasts for the Edinbugh Tattoo. Believe there were 2 x Tornado and 2 x Typhoon tonight (Tues)... The remainder are as follows (info from Scotavnet forum...)

Wed 08 - 1 X Tornado - 2000
Thu 09 - 1 x Typhoon - 2000
Fri 10 - 1 x Typhoon - 2000
Sat 11 - 1 x Typhoon - 1830
Mon 13 - 1 x Hawk - 2000
Tue 14 - 1 x Hawk - 2000
Wed 15 - 2 x Tyhpoon, 2 x Tornado - 2000


Hope this helps, Cheers, Mark

Thanks very much Mark I thought it was something like that. I am also very grateful for the other information.

Best Wishes


Jedi is a 1 Sqn callsign which was disbanded when the Harrier Force was retired. The Squadron is now working up with Typhoons and, I believe, is due to reform soon. Not sure but this may be at Leuchars.


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