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Hello all,

This is just an FYI regarding the AIS data I'm sharing from the Toledo OH (NW Ohio USA) area.  I have been sharing for a couple weeks now, and all data is visible on the Ship Finder app and the site.  My receive site consists of the Comar Systems AIS-2-USB receiver and a DPD Productions AIS LP base antenna mounted at about 30 feet.

My location just outside of Toledo Ohio provides comprehensive coverage of the Maumee River and Port of Toledo, as well as the Maumee Channel into Maumee Bay and out into the western basin of Great Lake Erie.  I have the directional LP antenna pointing towards the NE out into the lake, and this often allows reception of the Leamington Ontario AIS base station about 50 miles away.  Vessels in the western basin can generally be monitored while transitioning between the Detroit River Light and out towards the South East Shoal.  Further reception is often noted when VHF band conditions are more favorable.

I will be posting some pictures of the antenna in the future.  I'm also sharing ADS-B data from this same location, see my other post in the Plane Finder category for more information.

Toledo Ohio

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