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Hi Guys,


 I noticed at the start of this week coverage seems to have disappeared from Tyne & Wear (UK) It does this occasionally, but never for any more than 12 hours or so. Is there a shortage AIS feeds in the area?





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Hi Ben,
Sorry about this.
I can see that the AIS feed is still offline.
Not sure of the problem as it's not one we control but as you say it's normally pretty good so hopefully will be back up soon.
We could do with more AIS data feeds to improve reliability.
We will look to do this - please let me know if you are aware of any AIS data sources in the region too.

Hi Mark,

 Wish I could help but I have a railway embankment either side so would take a heck of an antenna to get up high enough. The only place i can think might be South Tyneside College in South Shields, but i don't know for sure. The feed seems to be back again this morning, although I dont know who is providing it to you guys.


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