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I haven't personally contributed photos because I see how amazingly beautiful most of the submissions on this site are and although I have a fairly capable camera and eye I'm not sure of the criteria...


Speaking for aircraft, do the shots have to be close up so that the registration number is apparent?  Often times, I see an aircraft and can identify them based on ADS-B but if I snap a shot the aircraft may only be 5% to 10% of the total image (lots of other things in the background).


What makes an image useful for submission?





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Hi Mike,


5-10% may not be that great but we do have a lot of photos taken that way but with DSLR cameras and some pretty epic lenses!  Those ones although only show the belly take up most of the shot so actually look pretty cool!  Good images have the aircraft full in the frame I think...


The registration doesn't have the be visible as when uploading the photo you enter that into the system.  However thinking about the picture in the app and the thumbnail i'm not sure small pictures will look that great.


Thanks for thinking of doing that though :-)

Hi Mike and Lee,

I would recommend using some Photo Editing software on images where the subject is not very large in the frame. Even the cheapest of Editing software should allow the "cropping" of images and so the edges of the frame can be discarded. Modern compact and DSLR cameras have plenty of megapixels to work with and so the cropped image (if you haven't gone too mad!) should be still of decent quality as long as the subject was not blurry in the first place. I would say be careful not to over do cropping and leave, for instance, that interesting shaped cloud or tree or truck or whatever in the image. it can often add interest and scale to the photo.

Many of my images are cropped (and colours balance corrected) before I upload them to Planefinder and indeed I often aim to not fill the frame totally when taking a shot so as not to cut a nose or tail or wing off accidentally. After cropping I also resize the image (to about 1024x768) so the file size is smaller.

I use a rather old version of Adobe Photoshop Elements so I imagine software that can do the equivilant jobs now won't be hugely expensive (though the newest version of Elements might be).

Hope this is of use to you,


Thank you for the feedback gents.  Sometimes my job takes me to the local airport.  This may make for better photos, however, my vantage point would be looking at aircraft at the gate, as the airport is not too busy.  I see from the photo submissions that most aircraft are not static with ground equipment around, but in flight or taxiing in the clear of other objects.  Perhaps I'll give it a try anyway.  And, as you say David, there is some editing that can be done.  The DSLR photos I've been taking are generally very large in file size, so limiting some of the image may not be all bad.  Call me cheap, but I've been using the GIMP off and on for some years and am fairly comfortable with it.


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