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I notice the planefinder website has had a refresh today! Not bad at all and it's nice to see different sized icons for different aircraft on there as well. Looks pretty good with the option to display the information underneath the aircraft as well.

If I had to make one very slight negative observation, perhaps the aircraft icons need to be a little bit smaller, the reason I say that is because if there is a build up of aircraft for example around Heathrow or Gatwick, the size of them on the map now means they are overlapping each other a lot, which in turn means having to zoom in a lot more to separate them for clicking on them.

Are you also showing FAA traffic as well now? Noticed all the orange plane icons over the USA & Atlantic.

Either way, nice to see an update to things and overall it looks good. :-)

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Thanks Paul,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on the new site.

It's good to hear that overall you like what we've done.

Thank you for raising the point on the size of the icons too. We will look into that.

Yes - We call the orange planes "Scheduled Flight Data".

You can turn this off via a checkbox in Map Options --> Map



Hi Mark,

Had noticed they could be switched on/off in the option panel, thanks for that. All I can say is once again well done to everyone involved, and still all ad free as well. Brilliant stuff :-)

I notice you have made the aircraft icons a little bit smaller again, works a lot better for me now like that. It was causing the odd problem when clicking on aircraft that were close together.

Keep up the good work guys :-)


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