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Hi all,

Im feeling its time for an upgrade from my beginners D3000.. its just what to go for??


So far im looking at D5100 , D7000, D90 or D300.

Has anyone had any experience with any of the above please?


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I have used for two years the D90 which has been an excellent camera, I use the D700 at the moment which is full frame. If you can afford it go for the D7000 it s built very well and offers good resolution and is an excellent camera between the D300 and D700

I've had my D90 for a couple of years now and I really like it.  It's hard to beat the Costco kit.

Just heard that the new D3200 is 24megapixels , great for cropping ships / plane and retaining detail.. Hmm just when I had made nearly made my mind up it was to be a D90 lol

I am completely happy with my Nikon D7000, can have a few drops of rain and some dust.

Thanks for the feedback, very interesting to hear feedback from fellow photographers on here, its ok scanning google but you never know what to believe.


one of the best things, I think, (as a simple Dutchie) is to have two slots for your Sd cards, one can go only for jpeg and the other for raw pics

I have had a D80 for a number of years and have just upgraded to a D800 and shifted to FX format although my D80 remains as a back up.  If you are remaining DX, I would go for a D7000 as it gets rave reviews and you can keep the same glass.

I am using D800E - it is excellent. As a back-up I have D3200 - also good, but autofocus can be a bit slow. That said, I still have D700 and D300S. Must get round to flogging them soon, but only when I am fully confident with the 800E. Useful, in my opinion, to have a DX and FX body. Remember though, that lens is equally important. I use 70-200 VR11 - pricey but worth it for sharp pix.

Hi Mate

I've just upgraded from a 10 year old D70 to a D7000 and also treated myself to the 18 - 200mm VR Nikon lens an I'll not look back as it's been worth every penny so far.


What's the quality of the shots with the 18-200vr lens like?

It is always my lens of choice on the D80 and quite superb.

It is really good .... With my old D70 my 'BIG lens' was a sigma 70 - 300 and I always found that from the 200mm mark to 300mm the quality was lacking. As I do quite a bit of Football photography for the local team I had to be careful not to use the zoom beyond the 200mm mark which was easier said than done

I haven't done any footy pics with this new lens yet but all my pics on this site have been taken using it and last week I took some pics at a local Moto Cross event and wow am I pleased with how speedy and quiet the continuous auto focus is ..... it's damn useless when using the video camera side of the D7000 as it's forever searching to the point of driving you mad.

Pics from last week (if link works :-)


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