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Hi all,

Im feeling its time for an upgrade from my beginners D3000.. its just what to go for??


So far im looking at D5100 , D7000, D90 or D300.

Has anyone had any experience with any of the above please?


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Thanks link worked ok.. Shots look good.

Hi Steve

I upgraded from D70 to D300 about 3 years ago and find it an excellent all-rounder. Ideal for plane shoots.

Most of the stuff I do is sports photography (Rugby League) and although the D300 works well at high-speed/ISO in good light, it tends to drop out in poor light and for floodlit games.

Would love to upgrade to better sensor when I can afford it! Will definitely stick with NIKON


Pete Gren

Hi Steve. I bought a Nikon D3000 2.5 years go and found this to be a good all rounder. All my shots on pinkfroot are taken with a Nikkor 70-300mm lens,now thinking to buy a 2X tele-converter to add on for high aircraft shots. Would welcome thoughts !! Keith
Most tele/zoom lenses lose their autofocus function when used in conjunction with a tele converter. However for high aircraft shots I guess you'd manually set infinity anyway. Just thought I'd mention it.
Hi Peter Thanks for that,I will have a rethink on this!! Keith
I posted some pics a few hours ago;
Nikon D300
ISO 400
Nikon ED 80-200mm tele-zoom
Aperture Priority set at f4


Liked the MOUNTS BAY and Red Arrows camera?


Hi Shaun, thanks!! ... its still my trusty D3000, Im afraid I still havent managed to get my new camera yet, due to a car that needed tax, mot, and a new clutch all in a month. :s

Ive considerably hinted to the wife that a D7000 would be an amazing xmas present....

I do however have a Nikon 55-300mm AF-S lens now rather than my old Tamrom 70-300mm


Its a fantastic lens :)


Hi guys I've enjoyed the comments. I recently upgraded my D80 with 18-200mm lens to the new D800 with 24-300mm VR. The difference is quite outstanding. As long as you can hold the camera still enough the ability to crop photos and maintain quality is amazing. I would seriously recommend, if the budget can support it, that you look at the D800

I recently upgraded to D800 from a D80 and fully concur. I opted for a 24-70 as my first lens and next year will get either the 28-300 or 70-200 Nikon lens. All I hear is good so it will need some research yet! The Nikon 24-70 is brilliant. I have kept the D80 and 18-200 as back up.


Christmas is getting nearer and Ive hinted to the wife the D7000 would be a fantastic present for me lol, I also did the washing up last week and even turned the hoover on tonight, tomorrow I may walk around the house with the hoover too.

A few more chores and hopefully the D7000 will be mine .....all mine.....probaly.. maybe.....



Still dreaming......


Seriously though Im still in hope one day I will own one, until then my trusty D3000 will be my weapon of capture!


Have you looked at the D3200? It is a fantastic camera at a very competitive price!



Colin Smith

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Colin Smith on the 30th September.

Colin was a great friend to the ship spotting community and was also an active member of this site for many years.

We know that Colin made some very good friends here and he will be both sadly missed and fondly remembered.

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