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Thought it would be interested to see what cameras / lenses we all use for our aircraft and ship photography. 


I use Nikon bodies, a D90 and D700. Nikon VR 70-300 lens, 28-105 and 18-105

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Personally, i use a Canon 550D Body, with a 75-300mm canon lens, and a sigma 120-400mm lens (this ones great for planes at 3000ft or above!)



No DSLR for me however I use a Fuji HS10 equivalent to 24 - 720mm
I have only plain Canon A550. :-(

I use a Sony NEX-3.


Basic but then my pictures are never great!  I should stick to programming and just enjoying the aircraft and ships!

at the moment I'm using a Canon 400D and Sigma 150-500

and I'm looking for the Canon 600D or the Canon 60D.



Thanks Gadger.

I like the Sigma very much first i looked at both the lenses Sigma 150-500 and the Canon 100-400L test them a bit but there was not a big diffrence that I as a hobby photographer need.  The price diffrence  was 600 euros so i bought the Sigma. But i want to have a better camera then the 400D it's a nice camera but i want to do a little bit more.



This is an interesting comment.  I was considering the purchase of a 35mm (full frame) because I was thinking over time the price to manufacture these sensors will go down, and most lenses would be built in accordance (in the near future).  However, the 1.6 crop directly benefits aviation photography.  I suppose, that in the specific case of the photos being produced and posted here there is no reason to capture more background imagery.  The aircraft (and bit of sky) are all that matter.

This is a good consideration for not using full frame...  Thank you for the thought Ferdi.



Interesting response by Mike about the crop factor being of benefit, there is another side of the argument in that by using full frame you have a better quality picture which you can then crop down to size rather than the 1.6 crop in camera with a smaller sensor. Using both full frame and a DX sensor my vote goes for full frame and then crop afterwards, although I do still use the 70-300 on the DX

I'm using a Sony NEX-5 with the standard 18-55mm lens.

As a beginner I find it easy to use and pretty good for ships.

Not really used if for aircraft yet and I suspect the lens may not be up to it.


Images I've taken so far are a bit varied in quality using the point and click functions!

That says more about me than the camera!

I'll book myself on a short course to learn the finer points!!

I'm using a Canon 5D II body for the bulk of my ship shooting. Occasionally I will use a Canon 30D or even a Canon G9 if that's all I have on me.

The longest reach I have is a Canon 70-200 with a 1.4 teleconvertor. So I have to work at getting physically closer or sometimes rely on being able to crop a good portion of a 21MP image.

For wide shots I use a Canon 17-40 or 24-105.

I really think for the bulk of what we are doing here most any equipment will be plenty adequate. A sharper lens will aid the heavy crops I would think though. And when available light gets low, a sensor that handles high ISO without a lot of noise is a plus.

well I bought my canon 60D they are cheaper in the states then back in Holland. Canon 5D was a bit TOOO much for my hobby. I'm liking it very much but i'm not jusing it at the moment in Kentucky as the humidity is bad! the rooms are cool and outside it's hot.
I like a lot of people use a canon 400d with a canon 75x300 also just aquired a sigma 135x 400 any advice on how to get the best pics with this would be welcomed


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