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Thought it would be interested to see what cameras / lenses we all use for our aircraft and ship photography. 


I use Nikon bodies, a D90 and D700. Nikon VR 70-300 lens, 28-105 and 18-105

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Hi everyone

in reply the above post i use canon 400d with canon 75x300 and 135x400 sigma 

Evening all,

I use a Canon 400D with a Canon EF lens 90-300mm

A bit of a late reply to this thread, but I seem to collect cameras lol....

Main one in use here is a Sony Alpha A230 with a few lenses got the Tamron 70-300mm, Sigma 18-200mm, Sony 18-55mm, Sony 50mm & Sony 35mm

Also use a Fuji S1500 bridge camera with 12X optical zoom which give surpisingly good pictures if I cant be bothered to take the SLR kit with me.

Also own a Samsung WB600 with a 15X optical zoom, this is the smallest of my cameras but never gets used for aircraft photography as it's way too slow to focus and the noise on pictures even at ISO100 is pretty bad.

For me it's an EOS1D mkIIn with 300 f2.8L, 100-400 f4.5 - 5.6L, 17 - 35 f2.8L, 1.4 and 2x extenders. The 300 sees more use than the rest combined.

I'm currently using a Nikon D2X body, mainly with a Nikkor 70-300 (FX). Due however to the DX sensor used, it gives an effective range of 105-450.
For closer shots, I change to a Nikkor 18-105 (DX), and for the occasional close encounter I resort to a Nikkor 12-24 (DX).

This cumbersome kit gives me a 12mm-450mm coverage, albeit dark-ish and not always with stabilised optics.

Next step would be the Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM that would allow me to reach further, with an effective focal length of 750mm max. Although not that expensive, it will have to wait though, for less strained times.


I use a Nikon D3000 entry level with the kit lens + Nikon DX 55-300mm VR lens. using hoya pro 1 UV filters on both. and sometimes use an ND8 filter for low light long exposure shots. (good for down at the docks where the ships are static) . Also have a tripod. ...and a flask..:)

Still very new to photography , this is my first DSLR which Ive owned for nearly a year now. Learnt everything from a book called NIKON Digital Field Guide for my camera, I think they do a few guides for different cameras.

Ive really got into the hobby now and I think its time to upgrade the body. Not sure what to get next ... D5100 maybe!?


Very late in joining this thread but I use a Canon 650D with the Canon 75-300mm lens which is usually on the camera as opposed to the 18-55mm. Lots of light stuff going over all the time here from various airfields ( Thruxton, Compton Abbas, Popham, Clench Common, Oaksey, etc) so I usually get decent shots. Underneath the inbound to LHR too, everything goes over at around 18,000 feet and I have, with more luck than judgement, managed some good cropped shots.


I would like to buy a longer lens to make the most of the stuff buzzing around here all day, at least a 400mm and preferably 500mm to use with a tripod, but the cost of the Canon originals is mind-blowing, which leaves Tamron, Sigma, etc. How do you guys who know way more than I'll ever know rate these lenses?

Hi Graham

I've used the Sigma 50-500mm (the 'Bigma') and whilst the image quality is superb with very limited aberration and distortion it's not the best lens for this hobby. For shots you might make using a tripod it's great and is probably top of the heap in terms of value for money. However, you know as well as I do, these things called aircraft tend to move pretty quickly and hand-held, the 'Bigma' is just too heavy to swing around very much.


Just read you take photos at compton abbas and popham.. Ive flown into both of those airfields in a YAK 52, compton abbas is a lovely little place.
Just to update I now have a D7000 and a 10-20mm sigma to add to the lens collection.

Steve, I have shots of that Yak taken back in the summer at Popham. Compton Abbas has to be the most beautifully located airfield in the country.

use a Canon 60D body with Sigma DC 17-70 mm, Sigma DG APO 70-300 mm, Sigma DG APO 120-400 mm HSM lenses.

Also occasionally Canon 400D (Infrared modified), mostly with its original 18-55mm kit lens.


I use  Canon 60D with 70-300 Image Stabilizer lens and Canon 350D with 18-55 Image Stabilizer lens



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