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Thought it would be interested to see what cameras / lenses we all use for our aircraft and ship photography. 


I use Nikon bodies, a D90 and D700. Nikon VR 70-300 lens, 28-105 and 18-105

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Hans, the Sigma 17-70 is a lens im looking get at the moment:) just trying to decide 17-70 or 17-50

Hi Steve, I am particularly happy with the 17-70 mm. Nice deep colour and the build is good. Here are a couple photos I know were done with it: MulanjeSpirit and Nordic. View them full-size

Looks like Steve is preparing a list for Santa once again ;)

Lol its that time again Mark! :) jobs around the house, do the washing up etc hint to wife 17-70mm lenses are a blooming good lens:)
My d7000 camera is currently back at Nikon as it has back focusing issues. Looking forward to getting it back, just hope whatever they have to do, doesnt take long.

I'm sticking to my Box Brownie. I don't go in for all this new fangled digital mularcky.


No DSLR, Canon PowerShot SX40HS  24-840mm


I looked up the spec of your camers as I had not seen it before, and was most impressed by what I read. Canon got that one right, as they are the best camera's on the market.

Thanks Graham Sir,

I found it very cool for aircraft's,actually 35x optical zoom and compact camera... But it does not took pics in RAW but i did some DIY in it so now I can shoot in RAW(.CR2 & .DNG) too and making my entries on jetphotos and airplane-pictures :D 

In June Canon have launched SX50 HS with 50x optical zoom of same price as SX40 HS was.

The following pic was of Saudi Arabian Airlines | Boeing 747-400 flying at FL410 (41,000 ft) 

The Photos below were taken using my Canon SX40HS Power shot, hand held no tri pod

I was using a Nikon D300. It go stolen, then I upgraded to D800 with some help from insurance payment.

Lens: Nikon 70-300mm, Sigma 150-500mm.

Also use a NIkon Coolpix P310 point and shot for close up subject like a B737 50 feet in front of you.

I use Nikon.
I have a D3s and also a D700. Both are FX (full frame) sensors.
Using FX gives me better image resolution, but can still opt for DX crop in camera as well as other crops to give desired results such as similar to medium format.
With regard to lenses, I have 2 f2.8 70-200's which are my main lenses. Standard zoom of 28-70 f2.8.
In my bag I also have: 50mm f1.4, 50mm macro, 105mm macro, 12-24 f4 and tucked away a lovely 500mm f4.5 which I tend to use on my gimble head as it's a bit arm achy otherwise.

I have changed my kit since I started the thread, actually downgraded camera wise from the D700 to a D7000 owing to other commitments. Now just using a Sigma 18-250mm plus 18-105 Vr Nikon.

This is my first opportunity to post photos after a long spell, owing to other things. managed a day at Manchester yesterday 


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