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For those who don't know, an aircraft log is, a log that you can create or buy that keeps track of the Airplanes and Airlines you have seen. What's your log like? How did you set it up? What program do you use? Free or Cost? I use Apple's iWork program Number (equivalent to Microsoft's Excel) and I just put Airline/Manufacture/Type/Registration/C/N/Airport/RWY/ Date seen/ Times seen/ special colors chemise would go in the last cell. Is this a effective way to log? It seems to work fen but I worried that if I make a mistake I won't catch it and it will come back to haunt me. 



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Didn't know you could buy logs !.

I use Excel (well Open Office), I use similar columns in mine.

Current reg / last reg / msn / manufacturer / type / date seen /airport seen at / hex code / remarks.

Yes it is an effective way to log ( been doing this way for years.... even on paper :-) ) Any errors you make ,just correct them when you discover the error. Watch out for U.S. 'tail numbers' they CAN change annually & many countries use registrations more than once, i.e. same reg on a newer aircraft. I also group U.S. tail numbers so all those beginning with 1 in a set i.e 1 , 10 to 19,100 to 199,1000 to 1999, 10,000 to 19000 , then similar for 2's.



Is there anything in Plane Finder that would make this easier?  We added the share function so you can mail it off but interested to hear thoughts on that.  We may be able to help out there.

When Im taking pictures of airplane flying OTT, I take the picture, write down the registration and flight number in my composition book, then when I go inside, I look up the aircraft info, along with the flight data, then I type it in my electronic database. 


Something that would make this easier is having both the flight number and the Origin-Destination, something else would be having the airplane type with the customer code (for example 737-823) and the airplane's C/N. 

Have you given the share function a go in Plane Finder?  You can e-mail some details to yourself about the aircraft and you would then have a stack to process when you got back indoors.


Give it a go and let me know if there is anything I need to add.


What do you mean by C/N?

Manufacturer Serial Number. 

Got ya, I don't we have that in Plane Finder at the moment.  Let me see what I can dig up! :-)


What do you use to get that info? Wikipedia?

I use I take down the Airplane type with customer code and C/N; when the aircraft isn't in jetPhotos database, I use


They are  just photo sites, try   Some of the info you want is already given on Planefinder.

The route is given as 2   4 letter codes ie. EGLL-KBOS. These are the ICAO codes for the departure airport ,EGLL is London Heathrow - and arrival airport KBOS, is  Boston, also the aircraft type is (broadly) there , B763 is a Boeing (B) 76 (767) 3 (300 series).

Wikipeadia has the ICAO codes, but I don't know where to find the A/C type breakdown. 

I would think the easiest way to keep a log would be a list of hex codes, as they are strictly numerical/alphabetical , no need to differentiate by country, (mine are defined by country identifyer),or any other way, but that would depend how you want to access them.

Have fun


I have to make myself clearer, lol, even I don't understand what I'm trying to say.


For Example; IBE6403 (Which just flew bye my house). Plane Finder has the registration EC-HDQ and the flight number (IBE6403). It also has the type A343.


What I'm saying would be beneficially is if it have the flight number and the Origin and Destination. (IBE6403) (flight from LEMD-MMMX) Madrid to Benito Juarez. Not all flights show up with both. Some COA have both but not every airline. Also instead of it say A343, I would like it to have A340-313X with the C/N: 302. 


I love this app don't get me wrong, but as a student I try to get my logging done quickly since I still have homework, I get quite a bit of International traffic flying OTT so I stay alert so I won't miss anything. So having this would cut my logging time literally in half, Maybe I'm just being picky, but thats what would help me and I'm sure others, It would still provide the Aircraft information and Flight info, just with more detail. 

No problem Franciso, we want to make this app better all the time so will take on board those comments!  


We enjoy making the apps better!


Did you know we do have the expanded A340 by either swiping across on the details page or click the "More..." text?



Hi Francisco/Lee

Planefinder (I believe) is an amalgam of many peoples SBS/Radarbox inputs.

My SBS shows only what Planefinder shows. If you have a given flight number you can check against the airline as to where that flight goes. Put another way the same flight number is used for the same flight every day/week so your IBE (Iberia) flight 6403 will always go to the same destination at (about) the same time every (day/week). The MSN doesn't show on the SBS (etc) its unecessary from ATC point of view). Often the airline will use a different a/c (maybe even different type of a/c ) on a given route. A 'little' helper for you is that the flight numbers with an odd final number are departing from their 'home' field and the even number denotes returning to their home field.



Re your recent updates, specifically Jet Airways in India.

You have correctl Jetlite & Jet's  Konnect, I think you will find Jetlite is being 'dropped' Jet bought a small airline Sahara Airways as their 'budget' carrier when Kingfisher were getting a foothold. They renamed Sahara Jetlite, but have now decided Konnect is more appropriate. A case of decide in haste repent at your leisure :-) and are slowly dropping Jetlite .( the a/c are still 'painted' Jetlite & use Jetlite flight numbers, but I suspect that will change as licences come up for renewal.)

Have fun


I've created my own on Excel and it reads as this.

Date - Airline - Flight Number & Time seen - Aircraft type - Registration (Under Flight number and time i include different No's) eg.

28/12/11  Thomson  BY1364 1632 Arrival Newcastle (TOM7CY)  Boeing 737  G-FDZT

28/12/11  Aegean  AEE907  1744 Over Paphos, Larnaca - Athens  Airbus A320  SX-DVX



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