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I am staying at Port Klang , Malaysia and finds the app quite interesting unfortunately the app was working fine and afew days later shows nothing for a few days. And also if possible to add area around Singapore as it quite a busy port.
Thank you.

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The data feeds are reliant on 'plane/ship buffs' who do this out of their own time and own expense. Whether you get a feed in your area or not depends on if someone in your area is willing to buy, maintain, and run the equipment/feeds :)

This means that the feeds are also dependant on the person's life - they may need to turn it off (going away on holidays), or weather could cut power etc :)
I am a merchant ship captain, as far as I know thousands of ships passing thro the strait everyday and ais on boards the ships & tugs are a must and switch on alway. Impossible if everybody going on holiday or forget to swtich on their equipments..its how your app works,whetther your app has excess the aisstation to that particular area,
Hi Norini,

Kat is 100% correct and we require land based base stations to collect the data and deliver it to our servers over the internet.
We do have a feed for Malaysia but it is not permanently available.
We are always looking for more data and hopefully will improve coverage and reliability in the future.


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