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I can see many more flights in my area,(NY). almost everything is shown. I wasn't expecting this till 2020. How did you do this?

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I second the improvements. I'm in the SW and just commented earlier in the week. I went from seeing 2 or three commercial flights to over 30 during a similar time of day. The developers are doing wonders with this app.
Also, I find that the screen follow isnt wroking and when i zoom in and out planes appear and dissapear on occasion. I had that issue and reported it a few versions ago.
Agreed. I can shut down my receiver, i have nothing to offer compared to this!
Why are some planes white and some red?
The white colored planes are reported via ADS-B and thus are real time. The red planes are reported via database of scheduled flights and may be up to 5 minutes delayed. You can turn off the red planes in the settings panel toggling "show scheduled flights". Hope this helps
The JFK feed seems to be hurting this morning. Can someone shake the guy who runs it and see if he can fix it? We have lost ground level information.

Calm down ;-)

These people host out of their good will and all people can do is complain :-)  We have an excellent friendly community of hosters and in this instance the chap is away for a few days.  I'm sure he will fix it on his return.

Ever thought about moving close enough so you can do it instead? 

And he should leave us his key so we can fix it while he is away.

Thanks to all the hosters contributing their valuable time to make this a first class site. Your efforts are much appreciated.

There will always be someone who aint happy......................

Keep up the good work, and thanks again.


When I bought my house in Queens it was close enough to JFK. Even so, I have also been giving you guys a feed for several months at my own cost because I was frustrated with your level if service at JFK. I did the best I could with a micro receiver and antenna but it doesn't get ground level. My feed is fairly reliable, but I can always shut it off if you don't like it.
I must be your neighbor to the north, feeding since February 2011 thanks to Mark. Hang in there! You are doing the best you can, and I appreciate the effort. I am able to leave my feed going for 24 hrs because I am blessed with an extra home built older computer solely dedicated to Pinkfroot. Although I am only 7 air miles to Stewart International Airport (SWF), I too lose the planes that are the ground when therare occasion presents itself that one lands there. I can, however feed them to about 1000 feet over Newark (EWR)
Keep providing the feed when and as often as you can. If someone else in the neighborhood joins in, the more the better!
Well i am not moving any closer to JFK!


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