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Due to my advancing years, I find today’s technology with i pads, pods, apps or whatever they are called……..difficult.

What I can manage with some degree of competence is working on my laptop.

This takes me to the reason for this entry.

I love and know that the guys at pinkfroot are doing their best to keep all of us happy with our suggestions, moans and groans, and are always willing to upgrade the site within reason.

Some members, including myself, have commented that they would be willing to pay for the privilege of using planefinders if these monies would help any upgrade.

It would be interesting to know/ hear; from others like me who only use planefinder for their enjoyment.


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Hi John,

I use both Plane Finder and Ship finder on my Windows Phone, and these are both payware, so I'm hoping the funds go to help the whole pinkfroot group, including to help run this site. I know on my own site from time to time (no more than once a year) we ask members who are in a position to make a donation and this helps with hosting costs and domain registration etc. Maybe something like that would work here?

Hi Ben,

I have been saying for a long time that we should be paying for the privilage of connecting to the site.[outwith Apps]

I dont have a clue as to cost of running and updating such a great site, but suspect its a lot of monies, and as I

have intimated to  Mark and the team often, they should consider a nominal fee from members.

Ben, What is your own site?


Hi John,


 Not realated to shipping, its, Classic British Flight Sim. We have a fair few salty types though and a few model ships in the Flight Simulator too


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