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  • Hello Hans, I'm new to pinkfroot, I'm currently a devloping a few webpages with active UK and Eire coastguards and UK airmbulances via live ADS-B exchange and marinetraffic.

    I had G-MCGN listed as UK coastguard, UK coastguard replied to FOI not listed as one of theirs.

    work in progress search and rescue ,

    clicking on main airport opens screen with both marine traffic and ads-s maps, plus mini maps of each helis last marine traffic location

    work in progress uk &IE cg and air ambulance UHD ful screen nig...

    Will need to add Dutch CG if they are having three heli's


    Gosport Xplorer-SAR finder
  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the compliment.

    Also saw the message on Facebook.

    Plenty of pics still coming.

    Lots of succes with planefinder.

    Greetings Hans.


  • Hi Hans, your photos are awesome, so we have featured a selection as part of our 'Community Spotlight' series on our official @planefinder Instagram here

    Thank you for your great contributions to Pinkfroot.

    ~ Chris

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