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  • Hello all,

    I have encountered a rather strange problem on 'Pinkfroot' and I wonder if anyone can assist me.  I recently uploaded 4 photos, by way of example one of which was N301DV.  All 4 came back with the message that they were 'successfully uploaded'.  The problem is as follows:

    1.  On the 'Pinkfroot' website under 'My Page', the photos can be seen under 'Activity' and under 'Photos'.  To all intents and purposes, I assume that this means that they were successfully uploaded and approved.  There is nothing to indicate otherwise.
    2. If I search for any of the registrations on the main 'Pinkfroot' search, nothing is retrieved.  In the past, even photos awaiting approval could be successfully retrieved immediately after a successful upload. 
    3. HOWEVER, importantly, yesterday evening I searched in 'PlaneFinder'.  N301DV was being tracked at the time and my photo WAS featured.  There was no indication that it was 'awaiting approval'.  Usually, photos 'awaiting approval' do not seem to be featured on 'PlaneFinder'.
    It seems that, on Pinkfroot, my photos are not connecting to the library and therefore cannot be retrieved in a general search.  However, my photos are connecting to 'PlaneFinder'.  Does anyone have any ideas?
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