Airline Finder Aviation Identification App

Need a portable reference document? Want some help identifying all those airlines? Or just enjoy aircraft liveries?

Then Airline Finder is the app that will do this for you.

Airline is a superb identification guide for over 1,000 airlines across the world.

The stunning artwork shows you the aircraft side and tail markings for airlines across the globe.

Airline Finder als now includes fleet lists, aircraft technical drawings and much much more!

Download Airline Finder from the App Store:

Airline Finder is very easy to use and enables you to list the airliners or search based upon airline name, predominant tail colour and country.

Fleet lists and aircraft types are all clearly set out and simple to navigate all the way down to aircraft registration, age of aircraft etc,

The high quality computer illustrations were created by Graham Charles Edwards whose previous work includes a published airline reference guide.




The app is updated regularly to ensure that new airlines are included.

It already includes over 1,000 illustrations.

Airlines that close down are still retained too and these can be seen as Classic airlines in the app.

The following image shows Airline Finder in action.

Each airline includes a beautiful graphic of an aircraft from the fleet and the current livery.

Choose from an alphabetic list or use the flexible search tool.

Each airline page also includes the IATA and ICAO codes for the airline. Drill down to see images of the fleet list including quantities. For each aircraft type we also include data for all of the aircraft in the fleet.


The airlines included in Airline Finder grows all of the time too - 1,000+ airlines and counting!

This can be zoomed in further too using the iPhone and iPad gesture controls. The app is Universal so one purchase enable you to use it on you iPhone, iPod or iPad.

If you use the app and find an airline we have missed or that requires new artwork please let us know!


We hope that you enjoy Airline Finder, a great reference tool and superb companion to our Plane Finder apps.