Glasgow Spotting

Beginning at the Business Aviation Centre at Abbotsinch Road (Inchinnan Road) and travelling anti clockwise, all areas are permissible, with the exception of the Business Aviation Centre car park.

The next gate No 5, gives access to the general Aviation terminal at Area Juliet. It is used for any VIP visits as the Pilcher Suite for VIP's and the Pan used for Royal flights is within this area. We spoke about removing any plastic barriers on this gate, however the advice we have is that these were placed here on a road safety basis to avoid drivers being distracted by aircraft and causing accidents.

Gate 4 is also seldom used and is available.
The largest of the gates is the Emergency Services gate is used for immediate access in the event of an emergency. This is regularly used, however we have no objection to people gathering there and the plastic screen has been removed by storms. We will seek to provide slots for photography and prevent further damage by those who cut holes in the fence.

The next gate 2 is apparently the best for photographers and has a view of the Taxiway Alpha. Here we will seek to remove all the plastic screens, and prepare slots for cameras. This gate is never used and there may be the possibility of some future development of this area which we will pursue with BAA.

Following the fence line we have no issues anywhere along the perimeter fence until we reach Barnsford Road at the Yonderton Farm Road. This is popular spot but as it is essentially a narrow lane, parking can be an issue. The Department for Transport has placed an obligation on Airports within the National Aviation Security Programme, to keep a three metre gap between the perimeter fence, and any obstacle. Parking a vehicle next to the fence compromises this three metre gap and will invite police and security attention. We have no problems with parking on the other side of the lane, however this is private property, and the owner of the land may have other views. This is certainly the case further along the lane towards the crash gate 14 where the farmer has placed several signs on his verge to indicate no parking. This should be respected, and as parking adjacent to the fence is problematic, we would suggest that this area be avoided. A request was made to consider making camera slo
ts outside the farmers home but this would impact adversely on his quality of life and we would not support this.

Parking near the radar installation at crash gate 13 will also attract attention, as will any unattended vehicle near this equipment. There is no danger to traffic from distraction and we will seek to remove the existing plastic barriers from the crash gates in the lane to improve the view, and seek to create slots on Crash Gate 12.

Following the fence anti clockwise past the Fire Service Training Area and the Crash gate 11 on the Barnsford Road. We have no issues apart from vehicles left unattended within the crash gate. This is a gate, which the public tend to congregate and park across. However these gates are seldom used.

The crash gate 10 at the end of the runway near the lay by on Barnsford Road is popular and is also available. Parking in the lay by is free and perhaps the nearest free parking area available for any of the viewing areas at this part of the airfield.

There is a footpath running along the fence line from crash gate 10 into Paisley Moss, which is to the north of the St James Roundabout. Following this track, and then the fence line will bring you to a point where two fences meet which is popular for photographers. We will seek to have slots placed on the fence line.

Slightly further east there is a large mound, which gives a panoramic view of the airfield and is also available for your use. However, there are equipment compounds, which we will require you to avoid.

Following the fence line, the area behind the Loganair hangar is available but parking is not permitted.

Similarly, the area to the east of the International Pier near the blast fence provides a view into the cul-de-sac November, and is available.

Finally passing the terminal building entering Campsite Drive turning east towards the East Security Gate, gives a view into the cul-de-sac Kilo, but the sight lines are not good.

Following the fence line this takes you into the Cargo area, which has specific difficulties. There are few viewing areas and the only clear area is within a private car park owned by British Airways, which we would not support. This brings us back to the starting point.

Gate 1 - Abbotsinch Road - 55.879975149954106,-4.414464086294174
Gate 2 - Abbotsinch Road - 55.87732709190926,-4.418024718761444
Gate 3 - Abbotsinch Road - 55.87319816835453,-4.423324763774872
Gate 4 - NO Access to Public
Gate 5 - Abbotsinch Road - 55.86941795250287,-4.42512184381485
Gate 6 - Campsie Drive - 55.866988909448786,-4.427637755870819
Gate 7 - NO ACCESS to Public
Gate 8 - NO Access to Public
Gate 9 - St Andrews Crescent - 55.86382520677656,-4.442182034254074
Gate 10 - Barnsford Road - 55.86089004762734,-4.4556789100170135
Gate 11 - Barnsford Road - 55.86526410635183,-4.450818747282028
Gate 12 - Walkinshaw Road - 55.87300705958537,-4.44490984082222
Gate 13 - Walkinshaw Road - 55.87474807086999,-4.435886889696121
Gate 14 - Walkinshaw Road - 55.875598233838964,-4.431115239858627