Plane Finder AR Flight Tracker App

Wonder where that plane is going? Want to quickly identify planes and flights? Love cool use of technology?

Then Plane Finder AR is the perfect app for you.

The app is very simple to use and a wonderful example of the power and capabilities of the iPhone and iPad.

Plane Finder AR uses Augmented Reality to provide realtime information straight to your screen.

Aviation professionals, holidaymakers, people in their garden, down the pub, on the golf course or pretty much anywhere will love the simple access to the detailed and accurate information in Plane Finder AR.

You really don't have to wonder where that plane is going anymore!!

Download Plane Finder AR from the App Store:

Plane Finder AR app is supported by our ever expanding ADS-B network providing virtually real time information on aircraft in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia and many more locations.

You can check our live map at to see the very latest coverage 24 hours a day.

The following images shows the app on an iPhone

Plane Finder AR is very easy to use.

Simply open up the app, point your camera at the planes and see the results.

Key features include:

Compass Map - A mini Plane Finder map that spins just like a compass to allow quick targeting.

View Finder - The map includes a blue view finder triangle for further accuracy.

Details Labels - Clear info including Flight Number, Registration / Tail Number, Speed, Altitude, Distance from you and more.

Range Finder - Open this up to set the target range - reduce to 1 or 2 miles for airport use.

Hi Viz or Normal Labels - Choose high contract or normal labels depending on light conditions.

Freeze Screen - Great if there is a lot going on and you don't want to read the info whilst holding the phone up!

Universal App - Works for compatible iPhones (3GS and Later) and iPads (iPad 2 and later).

Here at pinkfroot we work hard to make Plane Finder AR an enjoyable experience however you use the app.

We hope that you enjoy both the Plane Finder apps and the website.


The Plane Finder AR screenshot below was captured during a quick trip to Heathrow!