Plane Finder Charts

Plane Finder NATS  and FAA Charts are available as an in-app purchase to Plane Finder apps for iOS.

Each purchase entitles you to view the latest NATS chart for as long as you hold a valid subscription. Subscriptions are available for 1 year or 90 days.

In order to use chart backgrounds within Plane Finder apps the following is required:
A special Pinkfroot account - signing up will enable you to access one free chart
An in app purchase entitling you to access the charts for the specified period

Signing up will also enable you to see your charts on other Apple iOS devices that you own.


You can sign up within Plane Finder or from this link:


Important Notes:

Chart data is degraded and is not suitable for navigation.

A WiFi or high speed unlimited internet connection is also required.
We do not recommend using charts over a mobile internet connection due to high bandwidth use and reduced performance.
The following images show the coverage of the NATS Visual Flight Charts for Southern England & Wales, Northern England and Scotland.
Note - Multiple charts can be loaded at once.
Southern England & Wales
Northern England
A single purchase for FAA charts covers VFR charts for all of the USA.
The chart for New York is shown below:
We hope that you enjoy using these charts within Plane Finder.
As always we are very happy to answer any questions at

With unrivalled global coverage our flight radar covers everywhere from Australia to Europe, the USA and Asia.

Download Plane Finder or Plane Finder HD from the App Store:


You can check our live map at to see the very latest coverage 24 hours a day.