Plane Finder Flight Tracker App for Android

Want to know what planes are flying overhead? Wonder where they are going? Want to see your friends and family in the air?

Or maybe you are just interested in aviation, planes, flights or air traffic control.

With unrivalled global coverage our flight radar covers everywhere from Australia to Europe, the USA and Asia.

Download Plane Finder for Android from Google Play:

Plane Finder for Android flight radar app let's you watch 1,000s of flights tracked in real time.

The app includes a detailed flight and aircraft information, stunning photos, airline liveries and much more.

Our ever expanding coverage includes most major regions across the globe.

You can check our live map at to see the very latest coverage 24 hours a day.

Our all new Android version of Plane Finder includes:


Augmented Reality (AR) - included at no additional cost!

Alerts! Get an alert when an aircraft squawks 7700!

All new powerful and unlimited filter system

All new design for the plane details screen

Improved flight information

23 beautifully detailed aircraft icons at no extra cost

Airline Logos on the plane labels

Airport markers with free airport departure and arrivals boards

Powerful new search system

Lots of gremlins have been eradicated too!

Don;t forget too that you can share your sightings with family and friends via Facebook and Twitter

You can even upload your own aircraft photos to see them in the app via our community at


The app is available here on the Google Play store.


Plane Finder works on both Android Phones and Android Tablets

We hope that you enjoy both the Plane Finder app and the website.