Plane Finder HD Live Air Traffic App

Want to know what planes are flying overhead? Wonder where they are headed? Want to see your friends and family in the air?

Or possibly you have an interest in aviation, planes, flights or air traffic control.

Here at pinkfroot we have unrivalled global coverage with a flight radars covering locations from Australia to Europe, the USA and Asia.

You can download Plane Finder HD for the iPad from the App Store:

The Plane Finder HD virtual radar app covers most regions across the globe delivering radar like real time information on aircraft in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia and many more locations.

You can see our live map at This shows the very latest coverage 24 hours a day.

The following images show just some of the features available on Plane Finder HD.


Plane Finder HD is designed for the iPad and is simple to use. Whilst including many advanced features we work hard to ensure you can simply open up the app and get instant results. We know of users aged from 9 to 90 years enjoying the app - maybe there are even younger and older ones out there!

Look into Plane Finder HD further and you will find many powerful feature Taxi drivers (professional and family!), plane spotters and aviation professionals will love the alerts feature that lets you know when a flight or aircraft reaches a certain area on the map.

You can choose what you want displayed on the plane labels, bright or normal, registration or flight and even whether you want them on the display at all.

Settings will also let you chose the map type and how the screen behaves - do you want the screen moving with the the plane or staying fixed on a map area - in either case the planes will be moving in real time just like a flight radar!

More advanced settings enable you to select ICAO or IATA codes, select your preferred map type, choose whether you want to display any Volcanic Ash Clouds and much more.


Plane Finder HD includes a powerful capability -  choose to search all currently tracked planes or just the current map - search for flight number, callsign or registration/tail number too. 

If you like to look at other locations then use bookmarks. For example you can look at JFK, switch to LAX, view the whole of the USA, see the whole world or monitor ASIA. Bookmarks can be easily created and use to do this and more.

Selecting an aircraft from the flight radar maps enables you to learn much more about the aircraft and it's flights.

Select the photo and you can usually then view many more photos of the aircraft - you can even add your own!

Many professional aviation photographers, people using the app and plane spotters already do this!

Like all app features the photos can be viewed in portrait or landscape.

The information in Plane Finder HD includes flight route data and much more info on the aircraft and it's current flight.

This includes details of the current flight including departure and destination airports, altitude, speed, plane model, the number of engines, Airline, country, hexcode and more!

The Flight History icon enables you to view the routes that we have previously tracked the aircraft for over the last few months - it is amazing just how far these aircraft travel in such a short period of time!

For most planes we even include beautiful artwork - this can be either in the airline livery or the original manufacturer logos.

Another popular feature is the quick access icons at the top of the details page that enable you to share the information to Facebook, Twitter and email or to save to your photo album. These options are very popular for people that want to take a quick holiday snap or when you see something unusual or interesting that you want to share or look up later.

Here at pinkfroot we work hard to make Plane Finder HD an enjoyable experience however you use the app.

We hope that you enjoy both the Plane Finder apps and the website.

iPhone and iPod owners please check out your version here