Track Flights at is a totally free to use flight tracker website that shows amazing real time data - just like Plane Finder, Plane Finder AR and Plane Finder HD.

The latest version includes a range of great features including:

No Adverts - Completely free to use with no adverts!

Amazing Coverage - Now includes ALL scheduled flights for USA and Canada!

Smooth - Live moving planes

Innovative and Stylish - Beautiful cloud layer

No Browser Timeout - Leave it open as long as you want and it'll keep running

Playback - Great for viewing flight traffic in a region or the routes for individual aircraft

Google Earth - "Fly Me" simulator - Create a .kml file that you can actually fly in Google Earth!

Contrails - Create multiple trail lines - like in the screenshot below

Search - Powerful new search facility - by airport, location, aircraft, callsign or flight number

Embed for Free - A great experience for those that choose to embed the map onto their own websites

Share - Share flight status or flights of interest - Flights can also be shared via Twitter, Facebook and email

Stunning - Beautiful aircraft photos, icons and drawings

Simplify - Filters for altitude, speed and airline

Weather - Add weather from locations across the globe

 is supported by our ever growing network of data. Thank you to all those that help with this. We continue to invest too in both server and receiver hardware. 

We have the ability to also quickly add new features too - notable modifications so far include a live overlay of the ash cloud during the Icelandic Volcano events of April/May 2010, a page to follow the pope on tour, ALL scheduled flights for North America, cloud layers and weather.

Anyway - Please try it out and let us know what you think. If you like it please tell your friends!


ADS-B Flight Tracking works by picking up ADS-B plane feeds used by commercial and private planes to transmit their name, position, callsign, status and lots more.

Our servers add additional information such as departure airport, destination and photos for presentation on and in our Plane Finder apps.

The ADS-B flight tracking data comes to us either from our own receivers or from people with receivers who share their data with us over the internet. If you are a virtual radar hobbyist we’ll be delighted to receive your data for use within the app and website.

For more details on how you can help please see our coverage page.