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Arrecife Airport (ACE/GCRR) - by Mark Daniels

Video uploaded by Hens Berger -


The Airport is located to the west of Arrecife - Just off of LZ-2.

There are some great vantage points via a footpath that runs around the south and east perimeter fences. I am sure that there are also some great viewpoints in the hills to the north although I did not try this.

There is a large carpark indicated by label 1. This is widely used by locals as a point to take the path for a walk or run. The photo to the right is taken to the south looking back towards the car park. The double fence is trick and I did not manage to get any decent shots through it!

The photo below looks back towards parking area 3. The there is a white van parked on the waste ground in the centre right of the picture.





These areas provide the closest parking points for inbound photography.


The are two parking areas for label 3 on the map. You can park up at the end of the road - before you reach the hotel parking complex or rake track 2 onto some waste ground. You don't even have to leave the car if parking here!

Once parked you can get very close to the aircraft and walk right under the approach!

If you have an internet connection for your Plane Finder app then you can impress the waiting photographers and tourists too!!

A couple of pictures taken from here...





Walking north on the waste ground you can also get a good view of the runway.

Me and my NEX-5 with its 200mm lens couldn't get a decent photo from here though!

This is the view anyway...




Arrecife Airport also has a couple of good viewpoints with open air lounges at either end of the terminal.

Any shots here though are through glass and I didn't manage to take any great shots. 





This is probably the best one from the southern lounge (thorough the cafe/pub)...

I hope that the above is of some help for anyone visiting Lanzarote. We have a feed close to the airport so so get very good data. Any questions please do contact me.

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