Planespotting - Mumbai

Airport Name: Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport



Airport Location: 19.08277,72.867592,14

Plane Finder Map:,72.867592,14

Runways  x 2: 14/32 3,800m and 09/27 4,400m

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About this Airport:

The airport is South Asia's second busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic and the busiest airport in India in terms of international passenger traffic and the second busiest in terms of overall passenger traffic


Spotting Location 1: Jari Mari / Jari Mari Hill*                                                  

Coordinates:  19°05'30.39" N  72°52'58.43" E

Jari Mari is Located near Runway 27


Spotting Location 2: Kranti Nagar,Bail Bajar*

Coordinates: 19°05'13.80" N 72°52'41.81" E

The images below are captured from location 2




Important Tip: *Check With local Authorities before taking photos of aircraft  and contact local Plane Spotting Group (Plane Spotters India or Aviation Photographers India). 

Thanks to Devendra Kulkarni for sharing this information.

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