Planespotting - Southend

Thanks to Tom Raffan for providing the content (and pictures!) for this page.


Spotting Tips...

The fence next to the old terminal at London Southend gives you a brilliant view of the runway, apron and sometimes planes taxi right in front of you. 

This is shown as A on the satellite map image.


The photos on this page were taken from here using a simple compact camera.


Runway 24 is normally used so the planes tend to come towards you.


For good landing shots (when runway 24 is in use) the fence directly to the right of the new terminal is good.

C is the new terminal and B the view point in the image below.



When to go...

If you do go to Southend have a look at the departures/arrivals section on the website first to find out when is best time to go is as it is not a busy airport.


You might prefer to go on a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon because there is an additional Germania 737 carrying Ford employees. 

Good news too that these will be more common from May 2013 when they will fly to Mallorca for Thomson.

Notes November 2012

The Mallorca route is now going to be operated by Volotea instead of Germania, and they will use 717s.
Join! Regional Airlines may operate flights to Amsterdam, Groningen, Cologne, Caen, Manchester and Liege from February.

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