Ship Finder HD

Real time ship movements on the iPad!

Want to know what ships are in the harbour?

Live by the sea and want information on the boats going by?

Or maybe you are just interested in shipping, ports and vessels around the world?

Ship Finder will do this and more!

Notable new feeds include:

USA/CA - California, Eastern Seaboard, Baltimore

Worldwide - UAE, St Petersburg, Keelung, Tokyo, Tianjin

Ship Finder HD is a great app that provides real time information on ships across the globe.

It’s easy to use and is fully integrated into Google Maps. It’s easy to switch between map views and details and even pulls in photos of most ships.

Ship Finder HD is also great for the serious vessel tracking enthusiast using real time feeds and plots from popular ports and seaways around the world. Many maritime professionals also use Ship Finder too.

Ship Finder HD works by picking up AIS feeds used by all vessels to transmit their name, position, destination and lots more. It’s fascinating and great fun to see what’s going on!

See Ship Finder HD in Action on You Tube - You Tube - Ship Finder HD

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