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Want to know what that ship is out there and where it is going? Want to keep an eye on friends and family on their cruise?

Need to keep up to date with breaking Maritime Events?

Or maybe you are a maritime professional interested or just interested in ships, yachting or your local port.

With an ever growing network we cover ports, marinas, rivers and seas across the globe.

From people walking their dog on the beach to port pilots Ship Finder is the preferred app for people across the world.

Download Ship Finder from the App Store:

Ship Finder vessel tracker app covers most major regions across the globe providing virtually real time information on ships, yachts and vessels in the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, China, Japan, Russia and many more locations.

You can check our live map at to see the very latest coverage 24 hours a day.

Use Ship Finder to track ships on a map in real time from your mobile device.
The intuitive design combined with incredible performance puts you in control.


On iOS devices our incredible app performance means that you see all tracked vessels at once – with no clustering!
Simply tap a ship to see its name, type, photos, speed, dimensions and much more.
Powerful features such as AR, filters, search, night mode and the ability to save favourite ships are included. (You can even choose between Apple or Google maps too!).


The latest version of Ship Finder now works on your iPad and iPhone too.


Ship Finder also now includes AR mode. Simply point your Apple device at the ships to find out what they are!



Here at pinkfroot we work hard to make Ship Finder an enjoyable experience however you use the app.

We hope that you enjoy both the Ship Finder apps and the website.