Stobart Finder

New from Pinkfroot - Live tracking of the Stobart Truck fleet!!

Stobart Finder is a brand new app for iPhone and iPod that is a must for any Stobart lorry spotter.

It's great fun for car passengers too - you can even take photos and record all of the trucks that you have seen.

With the live maps you will even know that the lorries are coming too!!

Take a look below at some of the highlights of this amazing app....



Club Stobart members also get access to additional bonus content!

With Stobart Finder everyone can:

Watch 2,500+ Stobart trucks in real time - wherever they are on the road. Including across mainland Europe!

Record all of the trucks that you have seen - and where you saw them.

Add your own pictures to your spots!

See the names of the trucks - even if you couldn't read them from the car!

Learn about the trucks - Make, Model, Livery, Base Location and more.

Share yours spots with friends and family - via email, Twitter and text!

See the latest news from the Stobart Group.


In addition Club Stobart Members can: 

See the entire fleet list - including out of service vehicles.

Search the fleet list.

View the Club Stobart spotter League Table.

See all of your recorded Club Stobart spots.

A future app update will also be released that will enable synchronisation with your My Spots on the Club Stobart website.


We have left out the most famous trucks from the TV Show so you spotters can be kept on your toes trying to spot them, we didn't want to make it that easy for you!


Click the button below to learn more and to download Stobart Finder from the App Store:

Stobart Finder has been created by Pinkfroot working in partnership with the Stobart Group.

To learn more about Club Stobart visit Club Stobart Website

If you have any questions about Stobart Finder please contact us via - we'll be delighted to help.

Assuming we're not out truck, plane or ship spotting that is!