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BA Updates

British Airways' newest A320 NEO, G-TTNH, is now in service and has been flying to and from various European destinations since 20th January.

British Airways newest A321 NEO, G-NEOS, was delivered to Heathrow last night (29th January) and will presumably be in service within the next few days.

Finally, many of you may have heard that British Airways is going to repaint a 747 in BOAC livery. The aircraft, G-BYGC, will soon be on its way to the paint shop in Dublin (one for Mick…


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A TUI 737 "Mystery".

TUI's newest 737 MAX 8, G-TUMI is in the air just now (14:50 6th December). Nothing unusual or mysterious about that. Except, this aircraft which was delivered to TUI just one week ago, is reported to have been involved in "an incident" at Keflavik yesterday. No details of the incident to hand but what is significant is the destination of this aircraft. It is flying as TOM 9009 from Keflavik to St. Athan. And we all know what happens at St. Athan, don't we? They break written off…


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One for Heathrow spotters

An unusual visitor to Heathrow today will be the Saudia 777 HZ-AK28. It has been here before but a long time ago. This one is unusual in its livery, "Images of Saudi Arabia". Due 14:50

Also due today at the same time (14:50) is the latest BA A320NEO, G-TTNF on delivery from Toulouse.

Sadly, the weather is due to be less than ideal at that time!


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One for the Bournemouth spotters

One to look out for this morning is possibly BA G-CIVX. Currently off the West coast of Ireland it is returning from JFK and has filed a flight plan for Bournemouth, ETA 11:15, flight number BA9175. Apparently, it went tech in New York 2 weeks ago and has been getting fettled up to get it back to UK, presumably for repairs.

Rumour has it that it may really be going to Cardiff so we shall have to wait and see.


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R.N. Patrol boats

If anybody in the Hampshire area is interested, there will be a mass sailing from Portsmouth today of at least 14 Archer class patrol boats similar to this one of last year:

They are due to leave Portsmouth at 10:50 and 11…


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Important date for RAF spotters

A week tomorrow, 10th July, the RAF is having a fly past involving (allegedly!) up to 100 aircraft. This is to celebrate the RAF's 100th birthday. They will form up over East Anglia and head for London where there will be a ceremonial fly past up the Mall and over Buck House. They will then head for Heathrow and overfly that location at around 13:10. A partial list of aircraft taking part is:

Puma HC2, Chinook HC4, Juno H135, Jupiter H145; all Helicopters

Dakota, Lancaster,…


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The joys of "spotting"

Aircraft and ship spotting are all consuming pastimes.

Southampton ship spotting has been a bit sparse recently but it can be difficult to get the tides, the weather and ship movement times to all line up! And then when that happens, you find more than half of the ships moving have been seen before!

Aircraft spotting, on the other hand, can be a bit more rewarding and equally a bit more frustrating.

Having had a great day at Heathrow recently when I was able to catch the…


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QHM Portsmouth

I hope someone from QHM (Queen's Harbour Master) reads this.

The new aircraft carrier was scheduled to depart Portsmouth this morning. The planned departure was listed on the QHM web site, along with the Notice to Mariners closing the entrance/departure channel during the appropriate time. So, off I went this morning and got myself in prime position for some good photos. It was only after a 1 hour drive and a fiver of my hard earned cash (parking charge), I learned from a passer by…


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Departing vessel.

Here at Southampton Container Port ships very often seem to berth starboard side to. This means that upon departure, they need to reverse down the water to the designated swinging ground as they are facing the wrong way for the trip down Southampton Water. At Southampton, there are 4 areas designated as swinging grounds. The larger vessels generally use the Upper Swinging Ground and this means there are possibilities to photograph the container ships and the occasional cruise ship from many…


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Heathrow latest

It has been a "different" week, this week.

Sadly, the weather has been horrible but, on the brighter side, there has been a couple of changes.

Of course, there is the new version of QF9. It used to be Melbourne-Dubai-Heathrow with an A380. It is now a 787 routing Melbourne-Perth-Heathrow.

And then, there are the changes to Delta's schedule. At the moment, they are flying 5 flights per day into Heathrow using A330-300 aircraft. This makes a welcome change to the daily…


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One we all missed!

A friend was doing his usual ship spotting turn down at Calshot last Tuesday (20th) when he noticed some unusual activity, with people and press were gathering.

It turned out a Cessna 208 float plane (N628JN) was due to arrive. The plan was for the aircraft to do a few circuits around Calshot, then land (can you "land" on water?) and taxi up to the lifeboat slipway. The aircraft arrived, did a few circuits around the Calshot area. Then the wind got up and made the water a bit rough…


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Qantas Perth (Australia) to Heathrow

As I write this, Qantas flight QF9 is about an hour away from departure from Perth. This will be an historic flight of 17 hours or so and will be the first non-stop flight between Australia and the UK.

Unfortunately, the ETA is around 04:10 so there won't be too many photos of this one arriving!

And one for the Liverpool FC fans; Egyptair 737 SU-GEN arrived at Heathrow yesterday. Sadly it arrived at 21:00 (dark o'clock!). The interest in this one is that it is painted in an…


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Some different aircraft at Heathrow today

This morning was interesting for an hour or two.

The Met Office said the weather was going to be cloudy. We who take photographs call it by a different name: "rain"!

Still, there was a nice new Air Canada 787; C-FVLQ, followed by an unusual Swiss Air International very unusual visitor, a Boeing 777; HB-JNG. Finally there was a Lufthansa visitor that is causing a stir on other forums.

This was the A321 D-AISP and it is now painted in Lufthansa's new livery.

I have…


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Happy New Year

Best wishes to all for 2018. Let's hope for some good spotting weather in the year to come!

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Russian ship in serious difficulty in the Solent

The Russian general cargo vessel, Mekhanik Yartsev, IMO 8904367 is in trouble off Lee on the Solent this evening. The ship was travelling to Warrenpoint when it developed a list. Photo on BBC shows the ship at angle of approx 30 deg.



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Xmas Tree

Try this one: Select Playback in Planefinder. Set the time for today (13th December) @ 15:15 and search for flight AIB232E. This is an Airbus A380 test flight. Select the flight and look at the trail!

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Parrot racing an A321

Want to see a parrot racing a British Airways A321?

See here:

I was photographing the lane as my nephew was on it, coming in from Manchester,heading for JFK.

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They come in flocks!

Yesterday, I snapped a couple of BA 787 departures. Nothing unusual there.

I later moved to catch the arriving traffic on 27R and the following happened:

12:57 Arrival of G-ZBKF

12:59 Arrival of G-ZBKK

13:03 Arrival of G-ZBJI

13:05 Arrival of G-ZBKP

13:07 Arrival of G-ZBKG

14:15 Arrival of G-ZBJG

Like a flock of London buses!

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Biggest ship to visit Southampton

Today, the biggest ship ever to visit Southampton, Milan Maersk, arrived here. At 399m long, it is quite a whopper!

I was going to go and get a photo of it berthing but decided it was a long drive for just a single ship.

However, my mate Chas Betts caught it at Calshot and has posted some pics on my web site:…


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HMS Queen Elizabeth

The government announced recently that the RN's new carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, would be arriving in her home port of Portsmouth around 19th/20Th August.

I wonder? I have just spotted it on AIS south of Weymouth, pointed directly at the Isle of Wight and making 24 knots. It does claim to be heading for Rosyth but doesn't that seem silly? Travel all the way around the UK south and east coasts, then turn around and get back here for Saturday? Now pointing at Portland, according to…


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