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What's up, folks?

I've attempted to upload photos multiple times and have had them rejected out of hand. The last rejection questioned whether or not the content was mine to contribute. 

Of course it was! As it always has been. What's going on, people? 

I've tried to direct people to this app as often as I can, and now it seems as though it's falling in on itself.

An update would be very much appreciated.


Added by Scott Saulsbury on December 17, 2018 at 5:47 — 22 Comments

November Twilight. Between storms again.

The cutter Alert is in the middle distance, but you really can't make her out unless the photo is viewed at full resolution.

It was just another rare but fine evening on the waterfront in Astoria. One storm had just raged through, and another was winding up for a fresh, wet blast a few hours later. But, for a couple of hours, the river leveled out and the rain stopped.…


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More Local Context

I'm fortunate to have a couple of friends who own a bed-and-breakfast in a truly amazing location. 

We visited near sunset a couple of days ago to catch up a bit, and in the course of the conversation, Rafael extended an open invitation to make use of their spot for photography, weather they're home or not.

Something tells me that I'll be taking him up on that offer.…


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Astoria's Anchorage in Visual Context

This is typically the westernmost spot in the anchorage off Astoria, but there are several other spots abreast of what is considered to be downtown, and there is now extended capacity that reaches 10km or more upstream. 

Evening light aside, this the basic scene I see every day on my way to work. Sometimes there's a ship there, sometimes not. Sometimes one will…


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It's almost Christmas morning here...

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Another Local Documentary, This One Quite Current

Oregon Field Guide / Bar Pilots

I'm not sure why the accompanying text for this post disappeared, but I'll try again...

The link is to a nicely-produced local Public Television show that aired recently. The first segment covers bar pilot operations off the mouth of the Columbia River.

The second segment isn't maritime or aviation-related at all, but if you're interested at all in what…


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Rumor has it...

... that normal port activity on the West Coast of the US is resuming as of earlier today.

It's probably true, as I've seen some ships moving both in and out of the mouth of the Columbia today, and there's a minor shifting of players within the Astoria anchorage.

Normal capacity here is 8-9 ships, adding one at Pier 2 if there are logs available to export (check that as a "yes" today).

The Calhoun has been just offshore for at least two weeks... a substantial…


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Not Bragging... Just an Introduction to my Community

Our local Public Television network produced a (rather condensed) history of our town here. It's not inaccurate, but it had to fit within a limited timeframe, so it's lacking in detail... and there are a lot of details. Still, it's worth watching, and I learned a few things,too.

It's not quite an hour long. A bit of investment in time, but given what this little community (we're somewhat smaller now…


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Back at Home for Awhile

It's nice to be home, knowing that another trip to an airport is not on the horizon for a while. After two weeks in Vietnam and another week in Baltimore, little Astoria is feeling more welcoming than ever. I just wish that I had some more pictures of exotic craft and/or locations to show for the trips, but there was too much else going on.

It was most interesting to see a Page 2 story about Pinkfroot in our local paper this past Friday. I posted a link to Facebook recently, so…


Added by Scott Saulsbury on January 26, 2015 at 4:27 — 1 Comment

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