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Seasons Greetings from Scotland

A Merry Christmas and Holidays to all friends and members at Pinkfroot.


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North Sea incident 14th December 2012


A crewman has died and 11 others had to be rescued when stormy seas overcame their vessel in the North Sea.

The Vos Sailor was damaged and took on water during severe weather overnight. Coastguard launched a rescue mission after a mayday call at 4.30am and 11 crew members were winched to safety.

Police said one man was fatally injured however. His body has not yet been recovered.

The vessel in difficulty sustained significant damage and became disabled while on…


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Glasgow emergency

Passengers were evacuated from a plane on Glasgow Airport's runway following an emergency when the cabin filled with smoke during take off.

Four people were taken to hospital with chest and hip injuries and 13 others received medical treatment at the scene. Nobody is thought to have been seriously injured. Most of the injuries occurred while passengers were using emergency chutes to leave the plane.

Emergency services were alerted at around 7.40am on Friday…


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Nine injured after massive explosion on yacht off New Jersey coast sinks boat and strands 21 people in ocean

An explosion aboard a yacht 17.5 miles off the coast of New Jersey forced all 21 people on board to abandon ship today with at least nine of them injured.

A Coast Guard helicopter and two rescue boats were on their way to the scene while other local government agencies and good Samaritans were also on their way, U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Brandon Brewer said.



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JOINT WARRIOR 2012 [2] Updated 15th April

Tried today to get near 7 of the NATO ships which are berthed in KGV dock, at Glasgow, but was thwarted by security.....

Met lots of crew members waiting for transport to the city.

Security tell me some of the vessels leaving tomorrow with the rest on Monday

These seven are only a small part of the excersice which was cut short last year due to problems with equipment blocking fishing boats, coastguard GPS systems.

Will try again over next few days to get some…


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Members may be interested in the following.


Today, Friday 13th April 2012, many warships arrived in the Clyde for preparation in the after mentioned exercise.


Joint Warrior 121  - Sunday 15 April to Friday 27 April 2012

Joint Warrior Is a major bi-annual (spring and autumn) multi-national exercise which takes place in the Scottish Exercise Areas. Planned and co-ordinated by Northwood staff it is facilitated through Faslane which…


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Solitaire leaving the Clyde

She has been with us for a good few weeks, and has given pleasure to lots of photographers.

Hope she returns soon.

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Ship runs aground in Wales

News from BBC Wales :- - video footage -  Footage courtesy of View Creative.


A winch on the resue helicopter became unseviceable. A second helicfopter continued with rescue of 7 Polish crew members. 

Police are meeting with coastguards now. Despite some dramatic pictures, as far as we can…


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MV Solitaire

MV Solitaire

This ship is due to anchor tomorrow at 0700hrs at No.3 anchorage Firth of Clyde [off the town of Largs]

She will be at anchor for about 5 days taking on pipes supplied by tenders.

I am hoping to get down tomorrow to get some photographs that may be of interest to members.

The Solitaire is the largest pipe-laying ship in the world at 300 metres (984 ft.) long (excluding pipe-laying apparatus) and 96,000 tonnes (94,000 long tons; 106,000 short tons).…


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Firth of Clyde shipping movements

Members may be interested in the following address.

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'Port Hawkesbury'

Along time ago, possibly late 60’s early 70’s, I was a ships agent working for a company called Scottish Ship Management Ltd.

During this time I was involved in providing normal agents work for a ship called ‘Port Hawkesbury’ owned at the time by CP Shipping, Canada.

She was the first 250,000 D/W vessel to discharge at Finart, Firth of Clyde, Scotland.

At the time it was big news, but I have been unable to find any photos or info about her.

Are any members aware…


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ADS-B reciever JFK

Appears to be up and running at 0145 GMT 25/02/12

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Comments on photographs

I can’t believe that a cracking video I watched tonight, uploaded in November 2010, had 393 views and the only member to like/comment was myself.

Come on guys and gals we all like a wee bit of encouragement and it doesn’t take too long to make a wee comment, or even a click on ‘I like’

A reciprocal comment should at least be the norm.

Added by John McLeish on February 23, 2012 at 0:19 — 2 Comments

Listening to New York and Newark air traffic.

I have read that some members are disapointed with the feeds from New York sectors.

Tonight I listened on line to the following, and was really not surprised to hear the vast amount of aircraft at these airports,as opposed to what we see on

This is not a moan but if you like to hear air traffic control follow this.

type in

on the web…


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Weather not predicted

Ardrossan - Brodick

Status : Disrupted

Reason : adverse weather

Further information : Ardrossan - Brodick 17/02/2012 disrupted/delayed This service is currently on amber alert and as such may be liable to disruptions or cancellations at short notice due to adverse weather conditions. MV Isle of Arran departed Brodick at 1850 with an expected time of arrival at Wemyss Bay of approx 2020hrs where she…


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Gone are the days!

I have fond memories of being invited to visit, [behind the scenes], both Glasgow and Prestwick airports.

Along with invited guests [under the pseudonym, Strathclyde Police Aeronautical Club] we were afforded unprecedented access to control towers, radar rooms, runways and even riding on fire engines and operating foam hoses, brilliant fun……

At Glasgow Paul Reid, Air Traffic Controller, who is now Managing Director of NATS Services, couldn’t have been more helpful; he…


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Cruise ships visiting Greenock

List of cruise ships scheduled to visit Greenock Ocean Terminal, 2012 (As at 9 January 2012)

-- Timings often change at short notice --

-- Gross registered tonnage shown in brackets

1 Mar, 8am to 2 Mar, 1pm -- Hebridean Princess (2,112)

6 March, 8am to 7pm --…


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Listening to Air Traffic.

This is a site for listening to HF feeds of air traffic flying the Atlantic Ocean.

Some members will be aware of this facility but to those who don’t, or haven’t access to an HF receiver this might be of interest.

Most traffic flying from Canada/America to Europe, depart from 1900hr EST onwards, and you can hear the best transmissions on band NAT B. Gander Radio [you may have to stay up late for transmissions] as they don’t clear US/Canada control and passed to Gander till…


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Interest in charts/maps/navigation

Since a youngster I have been fascinated with maps/charts/navigation

 I have listed below some sites that may be of interest to members.

Let me know if you like as I have more.…


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Good news for Glasgow

Emirates have announced a second daily flight between Glasgow and Dubai.

The new flight will begin on 1st June 2012.

I hope that one of them will be an A380, although I dont know if r/w has enough length for this a/c.


Added by John McLeish on January 10, 2012 at 18:00 — 2 Comments

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