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2012 - A year for big volcanic eruptions or just media hype?

It is always interesting to read press coverage relating to "imminent" volcanic eruptions of the kind not seen for hundreds or even thousands of years.

The articles usually refer to horrible devastation, huge ash clouds, aviation chaos and a significant drop in global temperatures.


2012 already looks like being no exception to this!


The Daily Mail in the UK have started well with this story about the Laacher See volcano in Germany..


We can't see any scientific references or quoted sources for this article.

Google doesn't seem to shed much light on it either.


Maybe the Daily Mail have good sources but it doesn't seem likely to us that a massive eruption is imminent.


The Katla volcano in Iceland continues to make the news in 2012 too.


Most 2011 Katla eruption stories did not have much support from the Icelandic Civil Protection Department and local scientists despite occasional earthquake swarms and subterranean activity in the region.

An interesting video for Al Jazeera here on the threat that Katla could bring..


Let's hope 2012 wil be a quiet year for volcanoes even if it isn't for journalists!

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