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Diary date 15 July to 17 July

Opening times 0930-1730

Flying Friday  1414-1645

Flying Sat & Sun-1230-1730

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Comment by Kelvin Davies on June 6, 2016 at 7:36


Are you aware of the road closures/viewing restrictions the authorities have recently put in place for the show?

A section of the A323 Fleet road from its junction with Norris Hill Road and its junction Laffans Road.
A section of Aldershot Road from its junctions with the A323 Fleet Road and eastern boundary of The Forester public house.

Not only that but a section of the Basingstoke Canal is also going to be closed:

The Canal and towpath from a point just east of Eelmoor Bridge to a point just west of Norris Bridge will be closed as part of the Airshow perimeter during the hours of flying on 4 - 9 July (noon to approx. 4.30pm) and 11 - 17 July (noon to approx. 5.30pm).

I wonder why the 4th to 9th July? At least a couple of those days coincide with Fairford, which is not even in the same county!

The "official" word is buried in the show's web page here:



Comment by Graham Alton on June 6, 2016 at 18:45

Thanks Kelvin

Yes I am aware of all the stupid closures all residents  recieved a letter weeks ago. The local news as well was how to ruin the greatest show on Earth. Also the comments were that on Saturday and Sunday at the last airshow quite a few of the stands had closed down as they were only interested in the sales days Monday to Thursday. But they still charged the same to get in.

Having worked in there for 40 years and seen every airshow there has been, there is not much more to see.

Thanks Kelvin


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