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Passengers were evacuated from a plane on Glasgow Airport's runway following an emergency when the cabin filled with smoke during take off.

Four people were taken to hospital with chest and hip injuries and 13 others received medical treatment at the scene. Nobody is thought to have been seriously injured. Most of the injuries occurred while passengers were using emergency chutes to leave the plane.

Emergency services were alerted at around 7.40am on Friday 19th October 2012 to the incident. said smoke was detected in the cabin of the plane during take off, which prompted the emergency evacuation.

It is understood all 189 passengers on the flight were able to get off using the emergency chutes. The Boeing 737-800 was due to fly to Alicante in Spain on Friday morning.

Glasgow Airport suspended all flights until 10.40am, which forced the cancellation of five flights and saw 14 outbound services delayed.

The airfield later reopened and the majority of flights on Friday afternoon ran without any delay.

copy STV Scotland.


Passengers on an Alicante-bound flight from Glasgow have described their terror and panic as the pilot was forced to make an emergency stop after the cabin began filling with smoke.

A total of 20 people were injured during the evacuation of the plane, with five taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The Jet2 737 carrying 189 passengers had been travelling at approximately 90mph and approaching take off at 7:40am, when what was described as “swirling” smoke began to fill the cabin.

The pilot slammed on the brakes, bringing the plane to a juddering halt, and over the cabin loudspeaker ordered passengers and staff to evacuate.

copy Scotsman

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Comment by Steve Hood on December 15, 2012 at 19:58

Pilots are amazing people!

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