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It has been a "different" week, this week.

Sadly, the weather has been horrible but, on the brighter side, there has been a couple of changes.

Of course, there is the new version of QF9. It used to be Melbourne-Dubai-Heathrow with an A380. It is now a 787 routing Melbourne-Perth-Heathrow.

And then, there are the changes to Delta's schedule. At the moment, they are flying 5 flights per day into Heathrow using A330-300 aircraft. This makes a welcome change to the daily procession of 767s! (there is still 1 or 2 767 per day)

Hainan of China are at last flying a regular service from Changsha, Hunan province. I say at last because they have been flying into Manchester for some time now.

It was nice to see a couple of 747s arrive yesterday that were not BA aircraft! El Al 4X-ELC arrived mid-day and Korean HL7631 arrived later in the afternoon.

Also, a couple of Eurowings flights arrived yesterday, chartered from Czech Airlines (OK-NEN & OK-REQ).

Qatar Airways had their newest 777, A7-BEW, arrive on its 2nd flight since delivery and Asiana sent an A350, HL8078, from Incheon.

For the hardy, BA's newest 787, G-ZBKR, is due to arrive on Thursday on its delivery flight from Paine Field. Arrival is scheduled for 10:55, flight num BA9158P.

Today saw a resumption of the old Cyprusair flight from Larnaca, operated by Cobalt.

Now, if only the weather can cooperate!

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