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After what seemed a life time of bad weather, I decided yesterday would be a good time to go to Heathrow. Nice sunshine with a bit of cloud later on. Ideal!

Not only that, there was the prospect of 3 new aircraft. New enough that the paint was hardly dry on them.

Saudi Arabian had a new B777, HZ-AK41, delivered 21st March.

Qatar were sending a new A350, A7-ALN, delivered February.

Kuwait had a new B777, delivered 10th March scheduled too.

So, what happened?

The first of the three above flights was Kuwait, due at 14:50. Tricky! That close to the runway change over can see flights held for a few minutes and then it will land on the other runway. Being Kuwait Airways though, it was late arriving so I was able to get to the appropriate spot for the runway change. The flight arrived at 15:15, just as the weather was changing. The brilliant sunshine we had some minutes earlier was gone and heavy clouds were rolling in.

The Saudi flight was an hour late leaving Riyadh, which meant it would arrive after the 15:00 runway change. Well that was OK as I had moved to the other runway. Smashing! The flight arrived at the revised time. On the other runway! It is often the case that a new aircraft or first visit will arrive on Runway 27L where they will have fire engines squirt water over them.

Not to worry, there was still the Qatar flight to come. It arrived on time but the weather by now was a re-run of winter; very heavy, dark clouds.

You can't win them all, I suppose!

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Comment by Kelvin Davies on December 29, 2017 at 16:18

A 2017 update on spotting at Heathrow.

Yesterday (28th) the weather was great for photography; nice sunshine and crystal clear skies.

Normally, I ignore BA arrivals as I have photographed the lot but it occurred to me it might be a good idea to get some possible replacements as some of the older BA shots were in less than ideal weather. So I began shooting most of the incoming BA flights. Imagine my shock when I got home and transferred my photos to the PC and found I had photographed no fewer than 105 of BA's fleet! And there were some I ignored while getting myself topped up with coffee etc.

That total was made up of:

A319: 24

A320: 34

A321: 17 (of a total fleet of 18!)

B787: 12

B777: 8 (I ignored a lot of them)

B767: 3

B747: 7 (I ignored quite a few more).

All that, yet not a single BA A380.

In total, I caught 37 different airlines in the 5 hours I was there. And now, looking at the weather forecast for the week ahead it is cloud, cloud and more cloud!

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