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A week tomorrow, 10th July, the RAF is having a fly past involving (allegedly!) up to 100 aircraft. This is to celebrate the RAF's 100th birthday. They will form up over East Anglia and head for London where there will be a ceremonial fly past up the Mall and over Buck House. They will then head for Heathrow and overfly that location at around 13:10. A partial list of aircraft taking part is:

Puma HC2, Chinook HC4, Juno H135, Jupiter H145; all Helicopters

Dakota, Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane of BBMF

Grob Prefect T1 and Tucano T1, Beechcraft Shadow R1, Hercules C130J and 400M Atlas

C17 Globemaster, BAE146 (presume Royal Flight), Raytheon Sentinel, Airbus Voyager (A330 to you and me!), RC135W Rivet Joint and E3D Sentry, Hawk T1 & Hawk T2, Tornado GR 4, Lightning, Typhoon FGR4 and, of course, the Red Arrows.

Should be quite a show!

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