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Today, Friday 13th April 2012, many warships arrived in the Clyde for preparation in the after mentioned exercise.


Joint Warrior 121  - Sunday 15 April to Friday 27 April 2012

Joint Warrior Is a major bi-annual (spring and autumn) multi-national exercise which takes place in the Scottish Exercise Areas. Planned and co-ordinated by Northwood staff it is facilitated through Faslane which is used as the Headquarters throughout the exercise.


‘Joint Warrior’ is the largest international defence exercise held in the UK. The exercise – which takes place in locations ranging from Faslane to the north west tip of Scotland at Cape Wrath - is intended to test NATO forces across the full spectrum of 21st century conflict, from fending off air attacks and hunting mines and submarines to putting - and, crucially, supporting - troops ashore.

The following aircraft are expected to operate from RAF Lossiemouth for the duration of th3


6 x P3

1 x P8

2 x Atlantique

4 x Hawk

3 x Sea Hawk 60

7 x DA200

During the exercise flying will take place throughout the day and night.

 [courtesy RAF lossimouth]


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