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A friend was doing his usual ship spotting turn down at Calshot last Tuesday (20th) when he noticed some unusual activity, with people and press were gathering.

It turned out a Cessna 208 float plane (N628JN) was due to arrive. The plan was for the aircraft to do a few circuits around Calshot, then land (can you "land" on water?) and taxi up to the lifeboat slipway. The aircraft arrived, did a few circuits around the Calshot area. Then the wind got up and made the water a bit rough for a landing so the plane went elsewhere (looks like Lee on the Solent from Planefinder).

It transpires the plane was a flight from USA, via Canada, Iceland, Scotland and is en route to Bangladesh.

Here's a photo my pal grabbed:

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Comment by Jack Dryden on May 16, 2018 at 8:41

Great story kelvin and info 

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