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I hope someone from QHM (Queen's Harbour Master) reads this.

The new aircraft carrier was scheduled to depart Portsmouth this morning. The planned departure was listed on the QHM web site, along with the Notice to Mariners closing the entrance/departure channel during the appropriate time. So, off I went this morning and got myself in prime position for some good photos. It was only after a 1 hour drive and a fiver of my hard earned cash (parking charge), I learned from a passer by that the ship had actually sailed yesterday! I checked the QHM web site before leaving hom and there had been no change.

I know QHM will argue that timings can be subject to change etc and that the web site is only updated during gentlemans' hours but I am still extremely annoyed. I presume the Notice to Mariners must have been updated between yesterday and this morning so, if that was so, how did other users of the QHM web site get that info ahead of time.


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Comment by Mark Daniels on June 11, 2018 at 15:26

Oh no - really sorry to hear that they let you down like this :o(

You can't have been alone too!

Comment by Kelvin Davies on June 12, 2018 at 9:19

I was surprised not to see a lot of photographers at Southsea. In fact there seemed to be just 3 of us!

Yesterday evening, I noticed that, uncharacteristically, QHM's web page was still carrying the movements for that day and guess what? All mentions of HMS QE had gone! And HMS Queen Elizabeth was to be found off the Lizard.

I shall keep an eye open for her return. I understand she is doing a final work up before heading for Florida for a rumoured 21 week stay. As a teenager, my first job was with a shipping agent in Liverpool and we used to get shipping movements from Lloyds List but the local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, also used to carry a comprehensive movements page and was a great source. Now; nothing! For those in the Southampton area, Southampton VTS has great info on movements etc and DP World has a great page at:

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