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Richard as in Branson, that is.

With no previous announcements, publicity etc, Virgin Atlantic have a new 787-9 en its way to Heathrow as I write.

The new aircraft, reg G-VBOW, Call sign GVSKP is currently mid-Atlantic on a delivery flight from the Boeing factory in Charleston. ETA is more or less around 12:00. Sneaky!

The good news is that the runway in use will be 27L so I won't be stood a mile away, looking for it on the "wrong" runway.

Also a couple of other fairly new aircraft expected at LHR today are a couple of United 787-9 and an Air Canada 787-9.

Add to that Eithad's latest A380, A6-API and a first visit by China Eastern's B777 and there is a reason to go and waste a good part of the day at LHR.

Of course, the clouds have beaten me to it!

Must dash!

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