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Russian ship in serious difficulty in the Solent

The Russian general cargo vessel, Mekhanik Yartsev, IMO 8904367 is in trouble off Lee on the Solent this evening. The ship was travelling to Warrenpoint when it developed a list. Photo on BBC shows the ship at angle of approx 30 deg.

Although the BBC article talks of the ship intending to head into Southampton, Ship Finder shows it anchored with a tug and RNLI lifeboat in attendance.

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Comment by Mark Daniels on December 28, 2017 at 9:19

I was on the IOW ferry and saw it yesterday (27th) - 30º is about right.

I was at quite a distance so sadly no pics.

Much calmer day here today so I would think it will head into Southampton this morning.

I think some of the timber cargo went overboard but otherwise hopefully everything is under control.

Comment by Kelvin Davies on December 28, 2017 at 17:30

I almost went to Southampton to photograph it but I ad to do a lot of balancing of the pros & cons.

VTS has it down to depart Bravo anchorage at 09:00 but at 08:00 I could see no sign of tugs on AIS so I assumed it would be late starting the move.

On the other hand Heathrow had a few new aircraft coming in, at least new to me. So I thought I would go to Heathrow and keep an eye on AIS to see what progress with the ship.

It got moving an hour late at 1kt so I felt smug for a while. Then they managed to crank up the speed to 4kts and only 3kts around Cowes. I did a quick mental calculation and decided it would still take them 4 hours or more to get to Marchwood so I carried on with the aircraft. Then they managed 5kts and it would have been a bit of a rush to get from Heathrow to Marchwood in time. So I stayed at Heathrow.

Then ATC at Heathrow did me no favours. They out at least 3 of the aircraft I was waiting for on the "wrong" runway. So I ended up with silhouettes, taken at distance and directly into a very bright sun!

Bah humbug!

Comment by Mark Daniels on December 30, 2017 at 14:50

Oh no!!

The joys of spotting!!!

Despite all that I hope you did manage to enjoy your trip.

Thanks as always for sharing your photos.

All the best for 2018

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