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We love Apple but, what do you do when they break your top 10 ranking App?

UPDATE 1920 18/11 GMT - We're back! Thanks to all those that have helped out along the way. You should be able to buy, update and do anything you want with the app in the store right now! Looks like the app store had a hiccup, albeit a week long one but more importantly we are back! We have lost our all important rankings in the app store so it would be great if you can tell everyone about the app and get them to buy it! (It is a good app afterall!)

We love Apple but, what do you do when they break your top 10 ranking App?

We are currently 18 hours into this nightmare and don't know how or when it will be resolved...

Something has gone wrong with the publishing process of the latest update of Ship Finder for iPhone and iPod touch. The update has been approved by Apple and released for sale but the App cannot be purchased or updated from the App store. Although you can see the App name, the logo is missing and the links are dead! We don't think it's us, we have updated Ship Finder and our other Apps many times. Our customers are emailing us wanting to know why they can't buy or update Ship Finder. Some are even reporting that their attempts have now stopped them from downloading any Apps at all.

Pinkfroot are a small development company who rely on the income from our Apps. As all developers know, rankings are important and we have worked hard to stay in the top 10 for the last 18 months. Right now we are watching our rankings slide in front of our eyes...

As you can imagine we have tried everything to try and get this resolved with Apple, we've called every telephone number we can find including European Developer Relations, we have posted on forums and emailed every Apple address we have including Steve himself. All avenues so far lead to "send an e-mail to the iTunes Connect team" who have a 48 hour response!

Right now we are banking on Michael Jurewitz (Apple Evangelist) whom we met at the UK Tech Talks last year. Mike is seeing what he can do from the inside (Thanks Mike!) We have every faith in the iTunes Connect team, heres hoping they get the message soon.

If anyone else thinks they can help please get in touch via

UPDATE @ 07:30 GMT 13/11: It has now been broken for 34 hours! Off sale at the moment still and customers still complaining! We need your help! Share this message on your Facebook and Twitter, we need Apple to listen and make it available!

UPDATE @ 11:15 GMT 13/11: Stil no update but the days sales figures are in for yesterday. As suspected a plummet to almost zero! Apple HELP!

UPDATE @ 09:30 GMT 14/11 (Day 3!) - Still nothing this morning, starting to get really downhearted that no one person in Apple is talking to us! Last night there was a glimmer of hope from one of our users who contacted the consumer support, we tried contacting them on the back of this but nothing! Anyone out there who can help? In the mean time go download Ship Finder Free and click on them ads, that will help us out :-)

UPDATE @ 11:00 GMT 14/11 - For those that are curious the download stats are now in, and as expected they are still going down. Will we hit zero tomorrow? APPLE are you there????

UPDATE @ 2000 GMT 14/11 - Nothing from Apple today at all but thanks to all that have mailed in! Thought this screenshot here sums it up nicely! Here's hoping someone in the right team gets in touch tomorrow!

UPDATE @ 1600 GMT 15/11 - OK, starting to lose faith. Nearly 4 days now and no update!!!! Arrgh!

UPDATE @ 1230 GMT 16/11 - Latest graph below of Apple trying to bankrupt us! This makes a BIG difference!

UPDATE 17/11 - Came and went - Nothing, Zilch, Nada :o(

UPDATE 18/11 1500 GMT - Hoping today will be the day, one week later! Apple have been in contact and my friend on the inside is helping out.

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Comment by Joe Ferrara on November 12, 2010 at 22:31
When did this happen? I've recently downloaded updates, and they're working fine. Ive got ShipFinderHD v2.20, and iPhone v2.20. And I don't show any updates available.

Hope it gets resolved quickly, it really is a GREAT app.
Comment by Jeff Pryor on November 13, 2010 at 2:18
Hopefully this is resolved soon, odd just an issue with that one app. I just upgraded to the paid versions of Ship Finder HD and Plane Finder HD on my new iPad without issues.
Comment by Lee Armstrong on November 13, 2010 at 7:28
It is version 2.22 of Ship Finder for iPhone, very frustrating this all and has some nice new features as well!

If we drop too far it may never sell again! :-(
Comment by Lee Armstrong on November 13, 2010 at 8:47
We need everyone to post their support on this page and also to share this page with their Twitter and Facebook streams. We want the world to know about little old us!
Comment by Mark Daniels on November 13, 2010 at 9:15
This is the type of thing being experienced by our users. In this case in Norway.
(With no response yet from Apple we don't know if the problem had started earlier than yesterday's update!)

Very strange problem! I have Ship Finder on an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4. Approx. 1 week ago I started getting "cannot connect to AppStore ..." on both phones. I tried all tips for getting rid of this message. I had no problems installing new apps, but no updates. Then I deleted Ship Finder. After that all updates workshop ok. Now, when I search for this app, I do not find it! Now when searching using an iPad , I find it (no icon displayed), but when clicking on it I get the dreaded message "cannot connect to AppStore " ???
I am using the Norwegian AppStore. I am eager to reinstall it in my iPhone again.
Comment by Joe Ferrara on November 13, 2010 at 11:14
I now see what's happening. I also see that the iPhone app is listed, but I can't get to it, and the "cannot connect to AppStore" error pops up for me too.
Comment by Sakis Papademetriou on November 13, 2010 at 11:31
I'm experiencing exactly the problem described in a much harder way. Since yesterday morning local time, both my iPhone 4 and iTunes on desktop fail to update apps. Whenever I was checking for updates, iPhone replied with the known "Cannot connect to iTunes store" message. Similarly on desktop iTunes was simply failing with no error messages at'all.

At first I thought it was a problem with Greek AppStore servers, not very rare these days. I asked my friends here in Greece whether they're experiencing the same issues but their answer was negative. So I went with my second thought, which was to look for an updated application that had messed my setup. I removed all my 140 installed apps, one by one on both iPhone and iTunes apps lists. When Ship Finder was removed problem disappeared and everything including updates was running just fine.

I noticed on AppStore that ShipFinder had been updated same time the problem started. OK that's it. I tried to reinstall it manually via AppStore but the logo was missing and it was nothing more than a named reference to a non-existed application, at least on Greek AppStore.

My last attempt was to post a note on the largest Greek iPhone forum informing users regarding this issue and the temporary workaround. Also contacted Mark of Pinkfroot support.

BTW it is not the first time I'm experiencing this problem with AppStore and probably not the last. What bothers me is that Apple people are so slow on fixing their own mistakes. I wonder, right now how many people out there cannot update their iPhones and iTunes collection and don't know what's going on.
Comment by Lee Armstrong on November 13, 2010 at 16:48
Looks like it has been picked up in the normal Apple support forums
Comment by Sakis Papademetriou on November 13, 2010 at 17:45
Another related thread in Apple discussions.
Comment by Mark Daniels on November 13, 2010 at 21:39
Knock Knock - Apple - Anyone home yet??
We've seen forum posts and know people are logging support calls too.
We're getting great support from our customers but nothing from Apple!!
Where are you Apple???

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