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KF Aerospace

The Allison Prop Jet Convair, or CV580, is two engines, low wing medium range commercial transport. Originally, manufactured by Convair as a CV340 or CV440, and then converted to prop – jet power by the Allison Division of General Motors Corporation through Canadian STC SA00-140, or FAA STC SA4-1100. Conversions today are done by KF Aerospace, the Type Certificate and STC Holder, with aircraft gross weight up to 58,156 pounds. Distinguishing features include a pressurized semi-monocoque fuselage, dual wheel tricycle landing gear, a forward self-contained folding stairway, up to 55 passenger seating, or full cargo configuration using pallets or closed containers. Allison 501-D13D, 501D13H, or 501D22G turbine engines power the CV580 through Aeroproducts A6441FN-606A, or Hamilton Standard 54H60-77, 4 bladed , reversing, full feathering propellers. The proven reliability, versatility of configurations, and continuing operator support ensure aircraft viability into the future.

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