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Harbour Feature MMSI 255804280

Harbour Feature on the Mersey; 

MMSI 255804280

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  • Very good Su - keep at it
  • Excellent photo SU I won an iPod touch with the competition on Pinkfroot with the photo of this ship that i took on September 22, 2020 at 07:16
    • Aha, yours is listed as Harbourg Feature, so wasn’t on the shipfinder app. My pic is nowhere near as evocative as yours!
    • Hi Su On that date I didn't know that I had to use Shipfinder app I was new kid to Pinkfroot.
    • I will have a look at it André, doubt I’ll be that lucky lol 😂
  • Thanks Jack, the sun came out on cue.
  • Great photo Su , nice bright colours
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