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Doonhamer - mmsi 235067101

Liverpool - River Mersey 3/2/21

  mmsi 235067101

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  • Thanks for the info Gents. Very interesting.
  • Thanks Jack & David - I think she is simply a mini dredger David. Cant dredge very deep tho so maybe dock entrances at low water???
  • Great photo Howard ,nice clean (red) dredger
  • Great photo. Any idea what it does. Bit of a contraption!
    • It is a water injection dredger as opposed to a suction hopper. Water injection dredging is one of a number of hydrodynamic dredging techniques, where the basic principle is to remobilise the sediments, using the action of natural currents. Water injection dredging uses water pumps connected to a series of nozzles on a horizontal jet bar. The nozzles inject large volumes of water at low pressure directly onto the sediment build up. This process fluidises the sediment build up, turning it into a density current which remains close to the water bed. The sediments are then picked up by this current and able to flow horizontally out of the channel or port. This process eliminates the need for traditional excavation dredging methods and the subsequent transportation of the dredged material. Nature takes care of the sediment transport, making water injection dredging a cost-effective dredging technique with less impact on the environment.
    • Well done Jack - the horizontal nozzle bar can be clearly seen on this one. Cheers.
    • I had a good video showing how this works which I linked to one of Colin’s photos but I can not find it .
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