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  • Hi Brian. Not concerned at all mate. My understanding is that commonsense would suggest a 'real-time' aircraft radar website would , when clicked on , provide a current photograph of the actual aircraft flying. A perfect example is VH-TJN , a Beechcraft 58 with two recent photos depicting a Boeing 734. This is a live radar website , not a website of historical aircraft photos , of which there are plenty available. happy 'snapping' mate.
  • Great photo Brian & well copyrighted . However , I understood the whole idea of posting photos to Radar websites is to have a current photo of a particular aircraft as the first one to appear when 'clicked on'. VH-PRJ is an Airlines Of Tasmania/Par-Avion Cessna 172-S , and has been since at least 2015. Kind regards John L
    • So arrrh John let me get this straight. Yep, I understand what you're saying and your right (in a way). So your upset cos' your photo now is superseded by my older shot of the aircraft with same the rego???????? is that how I understand it? Then I suggest you hop on an aeroplane and go and get "ANOTHER" current shot of this aircraft with the same rego and upload it again, then you can sleep easily at night again! And thank you, Yes I do also like my watermarks. Stops ppl from downloading your work and making money making mugs, stickers and T-Shirts from your photos!

      Kind Regards
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